Sunday, March 6, 2011

Alice in Wonderland's Mad Hatter Tea

Yesterday we catered a very fun bridal shower in Mad Hatter theme, for a beautiful bride to be. To start, she and her guests enjoyed a platter of scones with clotted cream and jelly, madelines, and assorted savory and sweet cookies. After a few games, they feasted on 5 different sandwiches: a cucumber rye sandwich, an egg salad and onion sprout sandwich, a brie, tomato, and turkey croissant, a tarragon chicken salad sandwich, and lastly an asparagus and saffron aioli sandwich. Those all were paired with our berry poppyseed spinach salad, watermelon and feta arugala salad, an apple, cranberry field green salad, and our delicious zucchini bread. Cupcakes, sign, and jars of jam were provided by the host and matron of honor to be. Great party girls!

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  1. This is absolutely perfect for my nieces 12th birthday party! Thank you times a million :)