Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Oscars Party 2011

We had the opportunity to cater an event with our favorite ladies this past weekend. While they all dressed to the nines in their award winning dresses and accessories, we prepared delicious and fun bites for the whole night. To start, the girls nibbled on french beans with a saffron aioli, maple and rosemary glazed nuts, and herb cheese stuffed mushrooms. We later progressed to a potato and chili creme soup shooter, a tri-tip and dijon mustard and a lentil and herb creamed cheese crostini, and an edamame and pomegranate seed salad. After, the beautiful ladies enjoyed our chicken "street tacos" and a lamb and feta burger. To finish the night, the girls loved our mixed berries drenched in a toblerone chocolate drizzle. Thanks for a very fun night girls!

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